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We all covet our precious epic equipment.  Equipment that we had to enter dungeons/raids/PVP for and win the loot so that we could wear it.  One aspect that people rarely consider until it’s staring the group in the face is how to distribute the Legendary drop? Read More »


With the advent of Patch 3.3 one of the things that will be new is the Cross Realm “Looking for” system.  Now most of us already know who on our home servers are not to be trusted.  Which ones could not fight their way out of a paper bag.  Which ones are the intellectual equivalent of moss on a log, but do people from other realms know?  The time that most of us spend in a cross realm group is in the battleground.  With a battleground we aren’t tied down to the same group completing the objectives in order to get the payout.  With the LFG we’ll be potentially tied to the group (for the remainder of the lockout period) to the same group.  This could mean that you would have to suffer with a group that has no intention other than wasting your time.  Enter WoWJackass! The purpose is to go and let people know if someone is annoying, utterly fail on their job in the party, or one of those people that you should just run from to begin with.  It may not help if you’re joining a lockout in progress, but it’ll give you an idea during the pre-lockout period if the party will fail

A friend of mine from All Things Azeroth, Jen, posts various interesting screenshots at


Take a look for laughs

Because I said I would, take a look at It’s a new blog which looks like it could be interesting in the tanking realm

In response to the recent post I thought I’d give my impression about being a warlock Here’s my response to the DPS Survey Read More »

Apparently I’m getting more accepted into the WoW Twitterati/Blogarati universe by having beeing tagged by Arrens so I might as well do this thing.

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So, you recently got to level 80 and you’ve decided you want to explore the dread citadel of Naxxramas, the firey sanctum of the Obsidian dragonflight, the vaulted recesses of Archivon, and the cosmic reaches of the Eye of Eternity.  You’ve picked up a decent set of gear and you want to explore the challenge of Heroic Dungeons (and perhaps pick up some of those neat challenge achievements).  Simply put you have an outright 4% miss chance on your spells.  A missed spell is a wasted spell. Read More »

Simply put this is where Analysis of Warlock’s abilities, upcomming features, strategies, and more